Binance announces the opening of the “stacking” stake for the “Mines of Dalarnia” project and its digital currency DAR

Blockchain and crypto games have become a sensation after the remarkable success of the game “Axie infinity” and the rise of its digital currency AXS to record levels.

Yesterday, Thursday, Binance announced its support for “Mines of Dalarnia,” an action-adventure game that allows play to earn cryptocurrency with procedurally generated levels on the Binance Blockchain (BSC).

Players mine and collect various in-game items (such as minerals, rare relics, and artifacts), and improve their skills and equipment to unlock the secrets of the “Dalarnia” world.

There are different mines with different terrains to explore and monsters to conquer in search of the rare resources of the “Dalarnia” world.
The digital currency DAR is the original currency of the game and has the following use cases:

In-Game Currency: Players can use DAR to buy and rent game assets in the marketplace.

Play to Earn Incentives: Players can earn DAR by selling in-game items collected from in-game missions or by winning competitions.

In addition, players who own in-game plots of land can charge rental fees by renting them out to other players to explore.

Governance: DAR holders will be able to vote on proposals to decide on the land’s economy, mining policies and other components of game development.

Accumulated Rewards: Users can share DAR for early access to more game features and content as well as to get token rewards.

Decentralized ownership of in-game assets: All in-game assets (minerals, tools, and land) that players can own are represented as NFTs, where players can exchange and trade NFTs in various NFT markets.

Information about the “Mines of Dalarnia” game project:
The project raised $2.76 million from one round of selling its cryptocurrency in particular, with 15.00% of the total supply of the digital currency DAR sold at $0.023.

As of October 28, 2021, the total supply is DAR 800,000,000 and the circulating supply at listing will be DAR 123,200,000 (15.40% of the total supply).

Information about the digital currency DAR:
Currency coding standard: ERC-20, BEP-20.
The total coin limit is 800,000,000 DAR.
Allocate 24,000,000 DAR to Binance Launchpool.
The start date of the quota is October 28, 2021.
How to take advantage of the stake on Binance and get DAR before listing it for trading:
Go to the Binance platform for subscriptions and allotments

Preparing the amount of BNB to be allocated for stocktaking (note: it is different from subscribing where it is possible at any time to withdraw BNB coin with the reward obtained, but the snapshot is taken from Binance every hour).

The reward can be claimed in the form of the digital currency DAR, which will be listed for trading on the Binance platform after 6 days from now.